Giant Pumpkin Delivery Back

  • As Halloween approaches Class One Fresh Produce in Skipton have been turning their thoughts to innovative products to send to their customers during the autumn months, with their ethos of sourcing locally grown fresh produce they have come up with the Giant Pumpkin.

    Ben Cluny, director at Class One said, "it's a bit of a novelty really, we are conscious that many of our Chefs will be featuring pumpkin dishes for Halloween and when our grower offered us some Giants we thought they would be a good product for Chefs to use to launch their seasonal menus."

    Nigel Haworth, the multi award winning Chef and joint proprietor of Northcote Group, was at The Bull to take delivery of this huge pumpkin, Nigel said "Pumpkins are a fabulous Autumn vegetable, they're a cheap versatile vegetable which give a great flavor for a warming soup as the winter months approach, which will be on the menu at the Bull this week. I also love Pumpkin caramelised with game."

    Although Pumpkins originated in South America they have been grown in the UK for many years, they are part of the Squash family, they generally weigh between 4 and 8kg's and colours range from pale yellow to deep orange.

  • In terms of culinary use they are incredibly versatile, being ideal for both savoury and sweet dishes, the traditional pumpkin pie is a must on any thanksgiving menu whilst the 'baby' pumpkins can be served whole as a vegetarian starter or main course, the large seeds can be roasted or toasted for a healthy snack and the flesh pureed for use in soup, muffins and bread, we even found a recipe for pumpkin Ice cream.

    Nutritionally pumpkins are a good source of Vitamin A. Pumpkins are high in Beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant as well as an anti-inflammatory agent which helps prevent build up of cholesterol on the arterial walls, they are also very high in fibre and potassium and have been associated with lowering blood pressure.

    Giant pumpkins have become increasingly popular and there is strong competition to grow the world's largest, the current world record was set in Ohio USA in 2009 with a pumpkin weighing a whopping 783KG's the UK record has just been broken by the Paton Brothers based in Hampshire with 682kg giant, closer to home, the Village of Mere Brow in Lancashire holds an annual Giant Pumpkin growing competition where this year's winner weighed in at 516kg's.

  • Whilst our giant isn't a record breaker it certainly wouldn't look small beside one, weighed this morning it hit the scales at 320kg's

    For Recipe details see Simple Pumpkin Recipes and BBC Pumpkin Recipes. We also recommend that you visit to view their new seasonal menu.

    Chefs! Tell us what's happening in your kitchen, are you doing something different with pumpkin? Tell us why you love it ... or why you don't ....

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