A Year of Opportunity Back

  • In keeping with our commitment to helping you to ensure your menus are constantly refreshed we've searched for some food related events that you might find useful when promoting seasonal produce.

    Listed below are the ones we felt were most relevant, as the seasons change we will offer further suggestions of products to feature at each event.

    January 2011 - 24th to 28th
    Food Allergy and Intolerance Week - Allergy UK is a really useful website that highlights potential 'trigger' ingredients. The site states that 1 in 3 of the population is affected by allergies at some time in their lives show your customers that you care by acknowledging this particular week.

    Farmhouse Breakfast week - this year's event is entitled 'shake up your wake up' and it presents a fabulous opportunity for 'up-selling' ... how many overnight guests leave without taking breakfast, make an effort and see how many you can convert. The event is now in its 12th year and the HGCA who run Farmhouse breakfast week offer free promotion of events via their website. To receive a resource pack full of suggestions as to how to shake up YOUR wake up email breakfast@hgca.com

  • February 2011 - 14th to 20th
    Bramley Apple Week - Grown only in the UK the Bramley is recognised as the best apple for cooking. The Bramley has its own superb website, and this high profile week is the ideal time to feature Bramleys on your menu. The site includes a useful page of statistics which explains how, in 2010, the campaign reached more than 7 million people - get on board and stay ahead of your competitors.

    Coming soon ....
    'Love Chip' Week
    National Dairy Week
    Fairtrade Fortnight
    National Cherry Day
    International Carrot Day
    National Potato Day

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