Valentine's Day Only A Fortnight Away! Back

February is now on the calendar and thoughts immediately turn to Valentines Day. This is one of those events in the year where customers treat their other halves to a special evening out and can be a real opportunity for you to increase sales in this otherwise slender month.

The Angel at Hetton has come up with some innovative ways to boost sales and raise some money for charity! We spoke to chef director Bruce Elsworth who told us more. "We have planned a three course cooking tutorial at the Angel on the 10th which is specifically designed for loved up couples to re-create at home. By putting a special Food for Lovers menu on in the Brasserie over the Valentine's weekend we can stretch what is normally a one day event over potentially four days. A special raffle in aid of The British Heart Foundation is also helping us to raise some much needed cash for this worthy cause".

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