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  • Ben - Morning Richard. What makes you stand out from all the other egg suppliers out there?

    Richard - Our hens have free access to open grassland through the daytime where they can follow their natural foraging instincts. On a night they are kept in purpose built houses to keep them safe from predators. The freedom to roam combined with high welfare standards all leads to happy, healthy birds that produce high quality, tasty and nutritional Free Range Eggs.

    Ben - Sounds great! Do you feel supplying Class One reflects your own business ethos?

    Richard - Most Definitely. We have always been quality driven and prefer superiority to volume. This is proven in the awards we have won and the customers we supply. We are lucky to be able to choose who we supply and after meeting the team at Class One it was a no-brainer that we started doing business together.

    The Lion Brand for Quality Eggs

    Ben - what is the Lion Brand Stamp and why do you insist on it for all your eggs?
  • Richard - This is everyone's safety net from producer to end users. Each egg must pass a quality and freshness test before been stamped and packed. If it is not good enough it won't get put in. it also means that the eggs have been produced in Britain on a British Farm. A recent survey found over 30% of imported eggs contained trace salmonella which is really worrying and we don't want to be part of that. I think our customers such as Class One should be commended for sticking to their values and buying Lion Branded eggs.

    Ben - Thank you very much for your time Richard.

    Richard - That's a pleasure and if any of your customers would like any more information please visit

    South Lakeland Farm eggs are in stock and available in barn egg medium or Free Range Medium. Both are sold in 5 dozen boxes (2 trays) and Lion Branded.

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