Updated Menu at Salts Diner Back

I was chatting to the two Paul's, joint head chefs of the wonderful Diner in Salts Mill at Saltaire the other day and it emerged that they had introduced some fantastic new meals for their already extensive menu. By the end of the conversation they had me chomping at the bit to try some of these! The dishes included Portabello Mushroom Burger with Sliced Gouda and fresh salad and Grilled fillet of Sea bass, Tartare Potato cake, Red Chard and Béarnaise Sauce, Awesome! If you are in the vicinity of Saltaire I urge you to call in as the food and the atmosphere is Brilliant! We have supplied this World Heritage site since we opened 18 years ago so the Paul's, Jez. Nigel and all the team are very close to our heart! And they cook an awesome Pizza!

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