Hand Made Yorkshire Chorizo Back

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a fantastic new product to our stock list in the shape of Yorkshire Chorizo. Produced on Church End farm in Malham, North Yorkshire, the producer, Chris Wildman, puts a lot of time and energy into his product and his passion is second to none. Chris came to down to see us last week with some samples and we were all extremely impressed!

Full of flavour, a wonderful texture and hand made using only locally sourced ingredients it is perfect for either cooking with or eaten cold. We think this product would go incredibly well on any type of menu or would fly off a retailer's shelf! It is sold vacuum packed with at least two months use by date on. Each pack contains approximately 130gms of sausage which makes it easily manageable for your stock and there is also full traceability. We are launching this product at the bargain price of just £3.00 per pack. Well worth giving it a try and we would love your feedback on it. For further details please visit www.yorkshirechorizo.co.uk

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