June sees the transition from Spring to Summer which is the trigger for a raft of U.K. grown produce onto the market. The weather is warm and hopefully dry and with Wimbledon held in June the demand for strawberries does increase!

Produce in season: Green asparagus, English ice pack broccoli, purple sprouting broccoli, red cabbage, spring cabbage, white cabbage, carrots, garlic, green garlic, peas, spinach, fresh English peas, broad beans, gooseberries, outdoor rhubarb, English cherries, Pakistani mango, outdoor English strawberries.

Hot Weather Warning

For the past three months we have had some fantastic weather, so much so that its becoming the norm. Blue skies, fabulous temperatures, long summer evenings, more bbq’s this year than in the last five tears put together. Great news for the sun seekers, tourists, holiday makers and many businesses that depend on good weather.!! However, stop right there and take a look at the ground around you…!!!

That’s right, its bone dry, the soil has become rock hard, your lawns, grass verges and local parks have gone from a lush green to the colour of sand. But we can cope with that, it’s not a disaster.  But let me tell you what will be if we don’t see rain soon, the farmers and growers of the produce we buy and sell all day, every day will struggle to cope!!! Crops are suffering in temperatures of 30 degrees plus, lack of growth and no moisture in the ground and with no rain forecast could have a devastating effect on the new season potato crops, carrot crops and so many other products too…..and unfortunately irrigation is not always possible..!!

The ground is so dry that over the past 24 hours, there has and still is a major incident on Saddleworth moor near Manchester, a moorland blaze that is spreading by the hour as the breeze picks up, houses have had to be evacuated overnight, fortunately with no reported casualties. This is not the norm, this is what we generally see on the television news reports from America and such like.

Sooooooo this is simply to make you all aware of what’s happening out there in the fields……So if prices rise and produce becomes very short, you now no why….!!!!