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Here at Class One our very name sets the standard we strive to achieve, day in – day out. We stake our reputation on the excellence of the producers we work with and the products we supply. It is our strength and one which makes us stand out in the market. Our specialist buyers have a wealth of experience in procuring the finest class one graded quality produce available and continually assess all our suppliers, stringently monitor all our produce to ensure it is top class for freshness, appearance and of course flavour.

Recognising our customers’ needs beyond fresh produce, Class One also specialise in dried goods and dairy produce to provide a complete specialist daily delivery service. Our dedicated team will help the chef with menu planning to ensure the most is made of the seasonal and local produce.

The chefs supplied by Class One are constantly seeking quality as well as exciting new produce to continue to satisfy the diners’ increasingly sophisticated palate. If your menu requires something a bit different, get in touch we love a challenge.

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