The Fantastic Produce Just Keeps On Coming! What a wonderful time of year for new season produce and it begins in earnest this weekend! We have fruits galore and more UK salad products coming through to tempt and inspire you. The newsletter this week is dedicated to these awesome products so have a look and fill your boots!

Super Sweet Pineapples Large in size and bursting with flavour and juice these Fyffe’s fruit are just stunning! So refreshing you can get a great yield which will help the GP’s. You can create some really tasty dishes or chunk up onto a breakfast platter for a great way to start the day!

Spanish Cherries New Season cherries are just to die for! The staff demolished a box before it had hit the stock shelves such is the love for this product! They offer a real sense of Spring/Summer time on a menu with the sweet juicy flavour and wonderful deep red colouring. In stock now and available per kilo.

Lancashire Lollo Bionda Added to the Lancashire Lollo Rosso and Oak which started last week this vibrant green frizzy leaf really stands out. These three locally grown leafs are head and shoulders above the French crowd and well worth a look at.