Fantastic Fresh Seasonal Products!

Vegetables – all your basic root vegetables are sourced locally to here so you know they will be fresh as a daisy! Carrots and Parsnips are coming direct from Poskitts in East Yorkshire; the quality of these is second to none!

Swede, leeks, all the cabbages and the all important Christmas sprouts are all sourced direct from Lancashire.

Moving a bit further afield the awesome celeriac packs a punch flavour wise and is peaking in season now. The self styled “ugly one” has a host of uses including mash, chips, coleslaw and many more. The celeriac comes direct from Kent on the same pallet as the cauliflowers. Very weather dependant at this time of year the cauliflower is a perfect Christmas day vegetable. We will source from France if the weather turns bad but hopefully we can continue sourcing from Kent.

We also have the wonderful chantenay carrots available. These baby wonders have the flavour of how carrots used to taste and are pan ready! Speaking of baby we also have a full range of baby vegetables this December. Carrots, turnips, leeks and beetroot are all sourced direct from France and offer that extra special touch.