Start of Season

AsparagusEnglish asparagus season 6-8 weeks starts at the end of April
ChardSwiss and Rainbow varieties available from our grower in Evesham
MelonsCantaloupe/Galia/Honeydew. Prices will fall as northern hemisphere season begins
Potatoes NewExpensive to start, Jersey Royals from Cornwall; Cheshire supplies by month end
StrawberriesDutch new season, limited English

Still in Season

BeetrootGood bunched and loose UK beetroot available
CauliflowerGood UK supply and French if poor weather causes delays
CeleriacAvailable from our Evesham growers or our Dutch suppliers
OnionsA beautiful favoured set skin, available in small, medium and large
RhubarbLoads of supply from Yorkshire & Lancashire
Red CabbageEnglish is smaller than Dutch, and beautifully sweet
Spring Green CabbageFrom our growers in Lancashire
SwedeScottish grown swede still going strong
White CabbageSmaller heads than Dutch, good quality from Lincolnshire

End of Season

CarrotsLast month of UK supply – European supplies available for 6-8 weeks
LeeksUK leeks finish this month, but French and Belgium are still available
ParsnipsUK product finished
SalsifyOnce a European crop, now grown in the UK
Savoy CabbageEnglish season over – French supply available for 6-8 weeks
Tenderstem BroccoliEnd of UK supply, but Kenyan suppliers are still available
TurnipsGrown outdoors
Wild GarlicEnds this month but weather dependent