Start of Season

Apples, EnglishRusset, Katy and Discovery available
Bramley ApplesUK grown and bursting with flavour
Chantenay CarrotsUK supply begins – now until next May
PlumsGood supply of English varieties like Czar; Victoria season is short
Purple Sprouting
UK product excellent – weather permitting

Still in Season

BeetrootRed, Golden/Candy striped, bunched and loose
Broad BeansUK grown – available until September
BroccoliGreat tasting Lincolnshire and Lancashire product
CarrotsUK season in full swing – large sizes available
CauliflowerLocal supplies plus Lincolnshire
Cavolo NeroUK supply now at its best
ChardEvesham grown chard in good supply
Corn on CobUK supply now at its best
CourgetteUK season continues
Curly KaleGood local supplies from Lancashire
FennelFresh from Lancashire
Lettuce, EnglishLancashire available
OnionsEnglish and Spanish beautiful favoured set skin – all sizes
PeasUK supply sourced from Yorkshire
Potatoes, New Varieties available but Pink Fir Apple and Ratte are exceptional
Red CabbageGreat tasting Lancashire product still in supply
Red KaleA tender alternative to the green version
RhubarbOutdoor grown rhubarb in good supply
RomanesqueNow at its best
Salads, EnglishTomatoes, cucumbers and peppers around until October
Runner BeansStunning UK and local beans available
Spring Green    
Pre-packed for freshness
SquashUK squash season starts
StrawberriesBeautiful UK Elsanta variety
SwedeScottish grown – great taste
Tenderstem BroccoliA versatile vegetable that can be cooked in minutes