Start of Season

Blood OrangesImported – short but sweet season
Marmalade OrangesSeville. Imported – brief winter season
TurnipsFresh and tasty – great for a stew

Still in Season

Artichoke, JerusalemEnglish in season – French also available
BeetrootUK bunched and loose beetroot
CarrotsLocal still available
CauliflowerUK supply is good – European also available
Cavolo NeroGreat availability and versatility
CeleriacSweet when roasted
Chantenay CarrotCost effective and easy to prep
Curly KaleLocal source and harvested by hand
LeeksUK leeks – good supply
OnionsBeautifully favoured set skin – all sizes
ParsnipsGreat flavour
PotatoesJacket potatoes available now – good sizes
Purple Sprouting BroccoliCrisp and fresh – good availability
Rhubarb, YorkshireIndoor grown – forced stems are sweet and tender
Savoy CabbageGreat value
Spring Green CabbageGreat value and versatile
Tenderstem BroccoliUK grown – tender and tasty

End of Season

Brussels SproutsUK season finished until September