Start of Season

Purple Sprouting BroccoliA welcome colour for winter plates
Rhubarb, YorkshireTender Yorkshire forced rhubarb available mid month

Still in Season

Jerusalem ArtichokesGood sized UK artichokes
BeetrootUK bunched and loose
Brussels SproutsGreat UK supply
CarrotsHeight of UK season – price depends on weather
Cavolo NeroGreat UK supply – Lincolnshire
CeleriacGood all year round product
Curly KaleLocally grown kale in good supply
LeeksGood Lancashire produce available
PotatoesGreat varieties of mid potatoes available – Maris Piper
Purple Sprouting BroccoliAvailable and great quality
Red CabbageGreat value UK product and versatile
Savoy CabbageFresh UK produce from Lincolnshire
Spring Green CabbageUK produce
SwedeLocally sourced, but Scottish available
Tenderstem BroccoliGreat UK alternative to Spanish broccoli

End of Season

ApplesEnglish season ends – only Bramley & Cox available
ChestnutsShort season – now over
CranberriesEnds after Christmas
KohlrabiEnglish season ends
PearsEnglish pear season ends this month
QuinceEnglish quince supply finishes end of January