Start of Season

CarrotsUK season – begins month end
CherriesUK short season starts
Corn on CobUK season starts – available for 3 months
Curly KaleUK supplies restart after 2 month break
FennelUK grown fennel available
LeeksUK leek season starts – good supply from Lancashire
MarrowUK marrow season starts
Red KaleBeautiful Lancashire produce available now
Salads, EnglishUK tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers – available until October, weather permitting
SwedeUK season starts – available year round
Tenderstem BroccoliMore elegant than normal florets, Lancashire
White CabbageNew season starts at month end

Still in Season

Bok ChoiGood UK grown
Broad BeansUK supply available until September
BroccoliFabulous iced UK produce
CauliflowerSummer crop available – smaller sizes
Cavolo NeroAvailable for the months ahead
ChardSupply good until autumn
Lettuce, EnglishUK supply available
MarrowSupply available until October
OnionsBeautiful favoured set skin – all sizes available
PeasAvailable until September
Potatoes, NewSecond earlies/main crop starting
RaspberriesGreat tasting Evesham, Lancashire & Yorkshire
Red CabbageSourced from Lancashire
RhubarbField varieties now in abundance
Runner BeansLancashire grown
Savoy CabbageSourced from Lancashire & Yorkshire
Spring GreenGood dark green leaves
CabbageSourced from Lancashire & Yorkshire
StrawberriesBeautiful Yorkshire Elsanta variety
WatercressLancashire and Yorkshire available

End of Season

GooseberriesUK season over
KohlrabiWhite or pale green varieties available
RedcurrantsUK season over – Dutch available