Start of Season

Artichoke, GlobeSourced from across the UK and France
Savoy CabbageStart of the UK season
Hispi CabbageBeautifully-flavoured, in limited supply from Portugal
Potatoes, JerseyWeather dependent – but should be available by mid-month
RhubarbField grown – mid-month from Lancashire
Wild GarlicLocally foraged by Herbs Unlimited, available until April

Still in Season

Artichoke, JerusalemGood sized ones available from the UK
BeetrootGood bunched and loose beetroot from Evesham or Yorkshire
Carrots, looseHydro-cooled and strawed carrots from Lancashire and Scotland
Chantenay CarrotsNottinghamshire washed sweet baby carrots picked up daily
CauliflowerFrench supply available now – English at the end of the month
CeleriacAvailable from our Evesham growers or French suppliers
Curly KaleLancashire grown kale in good supply
LeeksUK leeks superb from Lancashire, Askem farmer
OnionsEnglish and Spanish available – all sizes – beautiful flavour, set skin
ParsnipsYorkshire parsnips, good availability
Potatoes, main crop Most varieties available but Sagitta are the best roasters
Purple Sprouting
Very weather dependent
Red CabbageSweet Lincolnshire available, generally smaller than foreign
SalsifyUgly winter vegetable, easy to prep and cook – very tasty
Savoy CabbageUsually French now
Spring Green
Great quality new season from Lancashire
SwedeSome great Scottish swede in good supply
Tenderstem BroccoliFull daily requirement of vitamin C

End of Season

Cavalo NeroUK season over but Italian available
Rhubarb, YorkshireForced rhubarb – now finished