Start of Season

ApricotStart of the northern hemisphere season
Bok ChoiLancashire grown
Broad BeansUK season starts at the end of the month
CucumbersEnglish grown now in season
Easy Peel varietiesSouthern hemisphere variety starts
Lettuce, EnglishSupply of Lancashire lettuces begins, runs May-November
Peas (fresh)UK and Italian – cook now as season is short
PeppersDutch produce replaces Spanish ones
SpinachUK baby and long leaf available until October
TomatoesDutch produce to replace Spanish

Still in Season

Asparagus, EnglishSourced from farms in Yorkshire
BeetrootGood bunched and loose UK grown
CauliflowerDirect supply from Lancashire, getting bigger as the weather gets better
CeleriacGood quality UK and Dutch supply
OnionsBeautiful favoured set skin, available in all sizes
Potatoes, newPotatoes new and boxed Mids from Israel, Jersey Royals
Red CabbagePrices increase as UK’s old season ends and new one begins
Spring GreenBeautiful loose leafy heads, dark green Lancashire-grown

End of Season

Artichoke, GlobePopular product sourced from across the UK
Chantenay CarrotsUK supply ending and quality variable – Israeli substitute
LeeksUK supply ends for 2 months, but Dutch, French and Belgian available
Potatoes, main cropSupplies finishing soon, so expect size and price issues
Purple Sprouting
Finished until September
SwedeUK season ends, all supplies coming from storage for 6-8 weeks