Start of Season

CranberriesUS fresh produce available until after Christmas
Easy Peel OrangesNorthern hemisphere season starts
Melons Cantaloupe/
Galia/Honeydew. Southern hemisphere season starts – prices increase
Sprout TopsAvailable from UK growers in the north

Still in Season

ApplesEnglish available until January
Artichokes, JerusalemGood UK supply – France
BeetrootUK grown – good bunched and loose
Brussels SproutsGreat tasting produce from Lancashire
CarrotsUK grown – and Chantenay
CauliflowerUK grown – great value
Cavolo NeroMore tender than kale and crisper than cabbage
CeleriacSteam, roast or mash or served raw
Curly KaleGreat value – and trending
KohlrabiServe raw or cooked
ParsnipsYorkshire parsnips, good availability
PotatoesGreat varieties of UK main crop potatoes
Purple Sprouting BroccoliUK availability depends on weather
PumpkinAvailable – but last month of supply
QuinceGood UK product – French also available
Red CabbageGood sizes and great value
RhubarbImported product but good for autumnal dishes
RomanesqueType of cauliflower at its best now
Savoy CabbageClassic – tasty and versatile
Spring Green CabbageDark green, quality UK grown
SwedeVersatile – great for roasting, mashing, soups and stews
Tenderstem BroccoliTender and sweet

End of Season

MarrowEnd of the UK season
Mushrooms, WildEnd of the UK season – European varieties available
SquashEnd of UK season – Butternut and French pumpkins available