Start of Season

Artichokes, JerusalemEnglish in season – French also available
Brussels SproutsNorthern sprout season starts – loose and stalks
CranberriesUS grown available for next few months
QuinceGood sized fruits now available
Red CabbageTender new UK crop available
StrawberriesDutch season starts

Still in Season

ApplesSweet English varieties in season now
BeetrootUK bunched and loose
CarrotsChantenay, bunched and loose – great UK produce
CauliflowerBest value UK produce as season in full swing
Cavolo NeroExcellent quality this month
CeleriacGreat flavour and value now
KohlrabiCooked or raw this is great value
LeeksGood supply from Lancashire, direct from farmer
Mushrooms, WildCepes, Chanterelles, Blewitts and Horse in season
OnionsBeautifully favoured set skin – all sizes
ParsnipsYorkshire parsnips, good availability
PotatoesSagitta – great quality – other varieties available
Purple Sprouting
PumpkinGood quality pumpkin – Halloween and cooking
RhubarbDutch produce – good availability
RomanesqueUK available, weather permitting
Spring Green
Good quality – pre-packed
SquashCrown Prince, Onion Squash and Acorn Squash available
SwedeGood year round supply
Tenderstem BroccoliEnglish produce available

End of Season

BlueberriesWinter price increases start
CucumberDutch season ends – Spanish produce available from November
NectarineEnd of the northern hemisphere varieties
PeachesQuality is variable as season ends
PlumNorthern hemisphere varieties almost over
RaspberriesAll produce from southern hemisphere now – as UK season ends
StrawberriesDutch and Spanish varieties replace UK produce
TomatoesSpanish produce replaces Dutch as season ends in November